SkyCity Church in Hong Kong

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This story tells how to climb the highest church in the world in one of the highest buildings of Hong-Kong.

‘Sky City Church’ is the highest church in the world. It is located on the top floor of the Central Plaza Tower – the 78-floor skyscraper in the center of business quarter in Hong-Kong. This tower is my coeval as its construction was finished in 1992. Central Plaza for a while was the tallest building in Asia (1992-1996). Inside there are mainly offices as in the other buildings in the area.

02. The view on Kowloon Bay

03.  IFC building. The second tallest building in Hong-Kong. Its is rented out mainly to banks, so the security there is paramount.

04. The famous red cabs of Hong-Kong. The service in the Church happens every Sunday midday. We accended there 15 minutes before the service started and were kindly offered a choice of sandwiches and tea as well as a warning that photography is forbidden during the service. We quickly decided to wait until the end of the service. You may imagine my surprise when the service started with a short rock gig.

05. This is how the world’s highest church looks. Sky City Church

06. One of the tasks during the service was to get to know each other. We met one man, responsible for building many noticable architectual objects in Hong Kong. He gave us a short tour of them through astonishing panoramic windows of the building.

The atmosphere in the church is very pleasant. If I lived in Hong Kong, I would definitely go there every weekend. Don’t forget to visit this astonishing place while in Hong Kong and say ‘hello’ to the keepers and mention me, Kirbase.

07. We had waited until the end of the service and took few pictures of Hong Kong’s unbeatable panorama. Then we quickly teleported onto the maintenance floor that has open balconies right under windows of Sky City Church.

08. Thanks go to Vasilisa, Ivan and Daniil for being a good company for me in this trip.

09. Finishing our ascend onto the roof and having taken the views one can afford a short break and relax, putting feet down above the city.

Our main goal, the spire of the tower still remained unchallenged.

10. Initially, we had climbed to a wrong spot. On this picture is the inside of the spire. There was no door, which made us really upset.

11. We’d searched for some more time and eventually found the way out. The spire rises another 70 meters above the roof of the tower and we had to climb grabbing quite rusty braces.

12. The view from 374 meters.

13. The feeling on the top are inexpressable. We got dazzled by such height.

14. The city quick literally fits on the palm from this point.






20. If you had time to forget from which point the pictures were taken, Ivan is here to remind you.

21. I really love Hong Kong for its unbeliavable beauty of glass-and-concrete architecture.

22. ICC Tower (International Commerce Centre) – the tallest building in Hong Kong. Sure, we tried to get there, but were caught by the security on the 25th level. This is another story to tell.

23. Just a hour before that on the maintenance floor picturing gorgeous Vasilisa.


26. By the way, from here we can clearly see on the ground floor of IFC Building (see pic 3) one of the world’s most famous Apple Store.

27. On the very top of the building there is anemometer. It is used to measure the speed of wind. It can be seen near the bottom of the photo.

28. It’s time to go down. There were too many helicopters flying over the city and anyone one at any time could hand us over to the police. Going down we noticed a safety bracket, which was also very rusty.

29. If you look down, you’d see this. Frightening?

You can get a feeling of what it takes to climb this crazy heights by watching this video:

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  1. Marta

    Wow. Looking at your photos I could feel deep vertigo at the pit of my stomach. I think you guys are amazing. I’m proud of you that you get to live your life in your own terms. You need to write a book about your adventures!

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