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My name is Kirill. I’m 23 years old. If you ever have heard anything about Russian rooftoppers, you should know me.

The first popular video with me has been seen around the world, definite number of views can’t be accurate. Everyone usually remembers a mad guy in a red T-shirt. But in the very beginning you can see me as well. I used to have very long hair 4 years ago).

The second video was shot during the trip around Belarus and Ukraine in 2011 summer. We then had our first GoPro with friends so we recorded us climbing up the Moskovskii most in Kiev and simply shared 10-minutes-long video on youtube, and, surprisingly, it has gained more than million views.

And spring of 2012 we have visited the top of the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world, which is located at Russkii island in Vladivostok. Everything was being recorded with GoPro, from which there was made a really cool video. 2,5 millions views during first 2 weeks – it was an impressive result.

In February of last year I climbed on the pyramid on The Great Pyramids of Egypt, most likely you’ve heard or read about it. It was incredibly interesting adventure and I definitely will write about this  in this blog.

Now I live at Moscow and busy of development of project Offlimits (if you need professional landscape, architecture, interior, construction or manufacture shooting, e-mail me: kirbase@gmail.com. If we’re interested, we’re ready to work for avia tickets and accommodation free.

Follow me on Facebook facebook.com/kirbase not to miss latest posts, on Instagram instagram.com/kirbase to see photos on the air. And don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog, if you find it interesting.


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  1. Leading the urban mission is Kirill Vselensky, 23, a prominent member of the city’s death-defying roofer community. Operating in a legal gray area and without safety equipment, roofers like Vselensky have developed a cult following in Russia, and have inspired similar movements across the world. Footage of their feats has attracted millions of web views, and some even struck sponsorship deals with multinational companies.

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