This is Kirill Vselensky.

This blog is for great stories about looking at cities from a very different point of view.

My cities start from the point marked “no unauthorised access” – roofs, technical parts, basements, tunnels, bunkers and guts of monuments.

What do you feel looking into the darkness of the underground’s tunnels? Have you asked yourself “how does this city looks from the top of that monument, building or a chimney?”

I asked these questions myself and having found no answers, I started to explore. This is why my project is called Offlimits.

There are three major directions for Offlimits:

  • photo agency: city shoots, interior, industrial, construction, automotive, commercial and reportage
  • urban exploration: pictures from unique spots like roofs, industrial objects and tunnels
  • extreme video

You can find out more about me in this post — kirbase.com/aboutme

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